Solar Flood Light Rental/Sale

                    Detachable/ Portable for all lighting needs Day/Night use with reserve energy for parties – church tents – basket ball – back/front yard gig etc. Contact

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Multi color decoration solar flood – 7 colors with remote adjusting.    Contact





Complete system on grid will run your home or small business to satisfy your electric needs. Contact



Complete 4 camera wifi surveillance system view from anywhere via wifi

4-Channel True HD 2TB HDD Wireless CCTV with 4-Autopair Weatherproof IR Cameras Built-In Monitor and Router Installation FREE with worldwide viewing.



Available on line in 40/50/ watts starting @ $12,500 JD each.

1 flood light 1 solar panel 

Power is reserved 3 days of no  sunlight (proven) we install nation wide with 2 years warranty.

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Our concept meet your requirements in using The Solar System in unique ways.

Solar is not expensive it is free from the sun but the hardware is costly from China. We will answer your questions you might be surprise, the answer is Big savings.

Drive Ways/ Parking Lots/Buildings/Animals.
Installing in Jamaica $122,500 JD 30/40 gals.




Solar information and operational technology are increasingly converging, and data are now available almost everywhere. These demanding climate goals that are currently in place so liberalization of the power markets, changes consumer behavior is further speeding up this transformation.

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