Clean Concept



Health concerns are certainly not the only reason to control mosquitoes. If you’ve ever been driven inside by mosquitoes during a backyard picnic, or had to cancel an important outdoor event because of mosquito annoyance, or have chased one pest invader around the bedroom nightly, you know the value of effective mosquito control. Mosquitoes can be abundant and problematic as to make an area uninhabitable or unsuitable for recreational or industrial development and economic losses can be considerable in resort areas and at local tourist attractions.


Straitin Clean Concept intend to mosquitoeliminate breeding sites in Kingston & St. Andrew Homes and Offices by 100% if given this task. 

Our Concept is without Chemicals no spraying, let us show you where they are and we will help rid This Health Crisis.

This Company is built around doing things well, helping to get your outside activities back by reducing the risk transmitting of these diseases  malaria, dengue, yellow fever, zika, encephalitis and other diseases.


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